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Relationship Compatibility

What is Relationship Compatibility? How you define it?

Relationship compatibility is the most important thing for a couple. It is important to understand and support each other. Have few habits in common. A couple needs to have fun and enjoy the time they spend with each other. This can’t happen unless both are compatible with each other. The relationship gets stronger when the couple does activities together, share their stories, and help each other when need help.

Not compatible couples don’t understand each other better than compatible couples. With time, not compatible couples start dragging away from each other and compatibles get closer. You can assume an example here. Suppose you have two magnates, there are two poles of every magnate, when you try to join two magnates with the common side, they will repel and they will attract if you change one side of one magnate. Relationships work in the same way sometimes the person who has things in common is not a good match. People always think, there’s only one soul mate for them as you both have so many things in common. But their relationship doesn’t go anywhere even after living for many years together.

People are not happy when they are someone who is not compatible. If you are a silent person and your spouse is loud. You may never raise your voice. And when this starts happening very often you will start getting angry. And it results in a toxic relationship. Why does this happen? Why you are not happy with your soul mate anymore? It’s because you choose your partner on these merits which are set in your mind from childhood, in which appearance is a big part. You don’t notice how good is your spouse in managing funds, how he deals with certain situations, how good is his/her decision making.

Cleanliness is one of the most important things in relationship compatibility to see in your spouse and in most of the time we don’t give value to it. But later on, if your spouse is not fond of cleanliness you will start dragging away from your spouse. You won’t notice at the start, but later it will be an annoying thing for you.

Relationship Compatibility

Testing Relationship

Astrology has been helping us in testing relationship compatibility for decades. An Astrologer goes through many things while checking the Compatibility of two individuals. For example, birth charts, your zodiac sign, and your planets. Astrology helps a lot in relationship compatibility. For example, if you are already married and are not compatible, an astrologer will help you in your relationship to move things in positive directions. If you are not married, an astrologer tells you if you are compatible with another person or not. An astrologer helps you to choose your spouse according to traits and habits

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