Black magic makes
humans victims of
baseless fears, reverses ..

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Pakistan kay namwar or tajurbakar Rohani scholar.
Jinka maqsad duki behan bhaiyon ki mdad.
mery Murshad kay bkhshay hoay kalam o faiz say hr mazhab kay hazaron log faizyab hoay hain.
Agr ap bhi apni zindgi khushgwar or kamyab bnana chahtay hain to hum say rabta kren.
sirf ek Qurani Ayaat say duniya jahan ki preshaniyan InshAllah khtm hojayen gi.Ap bhi ek bar istikhara k liay hum say rabta kren.
Most Famous Scholar Sajid Hussain Shah.

Online Istikhara

Have you or your family member sick because of black magic and you didn’t know what to do? either it is jinn or devil or maybe black magic? or you already know but want to know them more..?? or you didn’t know but want a knowledge about them?

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To perform Istikhara, you should first be cleansed, so perform Wudu if necessary. Open your prayer, recite two rak’ah, then offer your Istikhara supplication.

Qurani Duyain

Qurani Duain is a collection of various ayah from the Holy Quran provided with Urdu translation so that every individual can understand the meaning and the importance of the specific ayat-e-kareem

Ayat Shifa

Ayat e Shifa is famous quranic verses for cure from all kind of diseases.

Shadi K Ghar Piya Ay

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Husband Wife Disputes

Disputes and misunderstandings are part and parcel of life. And sometimes, thanks to these misunderstandings, we discover who real friends and well wishers are. Disputes between married couples are very common too.

Shour ki Narazgi ya talaq

There are a lot of couples who don’t feel happy together and don’t relate to each other anymore. This is simply because they are not spending time with each other often, they are busy in work, kids, and money pressure different work schedule

Karobar ki Bandish

You cannot solve the problem unless you know what the problem is. That’s why it is important for you to first identify the main reason for your Financial Business Problem.

Black Magic Removal

We can remove black magic completely from its roots. Black magic is often known as spells, magic spells, hex, sorcery, jadu, jadoo, sehr, voodoo, witchcraft, and curses.

Ristaonr ki Bandish

Nikah ki bandish, rishte par pabandi, nikah bandhna, rishte par kala jadu ka tor wagerah wagerah. Ye sab kuch aam masail hai mu’aashre mein hamare in dino.

Imigration Problem

The immigration process is not so easy after all. To flee abroad get your visa approval through this wazifa. The relevant country’s embassy will definitely issue it to you. It will be approved as soon as possible, Insha ALLAH, Ameen.

Lotter Chance

This serious lotto money spell works by using Prophet Joshua strange forces to empower you to bring the triumphant amounts of the lottery delight 24 hours before the illustration.

Ghar sa Rathu hway wapis ajain

At whatever point you lost thing or individual or somebody stole a thing or individual from you straightforward case of things and individual are in some cases we lost valuable things like money,vehicles keys or gold

Services Overview

Relationship Compatibility

You can seek help of Allah to solve your problems in married life or in any relationship. Contact us now to wazifa for love, Wazifa for love marriage, Wazifa for peace, wazifa for husband, wazifa for wife and wazifa for marriage. You can also have our online istikhara for marriage service.

Husband Wife Disputes

Sometimes, when right after marriage, things start moving in wrong direction instead of moving in positive direction. This results in disputes, trust issues and more similar issues.Contact us now to wazifa for love, Wazifa for love marriage, Wazifa for peace, wazifa for husband, wazifa for wife and wazifa for marriage. You can also have our online istikhara for marriage service.

Job Problems

When you are jobless everything goes in wrong direction. Having no money when you need is the worst financial condition that anyone can experience in life. Get Wazifa for job, Wazifa for good Job, Wazifa for job Success, Wazifa for Succes, Wazfia for success in job and Wazifa for interview. You can contact us and disscuss your issue regarding your job problem to get its solution.


Purpose of Istikhara is seeking help of Allah in matters of daily life. For example, before starting a new business, before buying new house, before buying a shop, before marriage and more. contact us now for istikhara for marriage(istikhara for shadi), istikhara for relationship (istikhara for rishta), istikhara for love marriage, istikhara for new job, istikhara for business, istikhara for baby and more

Black Magic Removal

Black magic is a bitter truth of our society. It can harm people to death. If you are suffering from black magic don’t worry we can help you. Get our service to remove black magic completely from its roots. Contact us now for black magic removal(kala jadu ka tor).

Thrive Your Business

Experience progress in your business by practicing wazifa and Islamic dua. Contact us now for Wazifa for business, wazifa for wealth, wazifa for success and wazifa for business success. Contact us now to discuss your issues with us

Mr Sajid sa main na kalay jadu ka tor karwaya maray Allah k hukam sa saray maslay theek ho gay
Ubaid Rana


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